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isobel & cleo

A luxury knitwear label founded in Glasgow, Scotland and now located on Nantucket Island. We travel the country and the world to find the most innovative, unique, and tactile yarn we can. Then we bring it home to Nantucket and have way too much fun knitting up completely fabulous pieces for our loyal clientele. We love supporting other small independent designers and businesses both in the US and abroad. We are especially interested in those committed to sustainable design and ethical work practices.

new arrivals

See the newest goodies we've been cooking up in the studio. Take note, some pieces are one of a kind, so be sure to grab them first!


All products in this collection are generously offered by artist and maker friends of isobel & cleo to raise money for artists impacted by COVID-19. Each artist will receive a portion of their sales for their own relief and the rest will be paid forward to a fundraiser sponsored by isobel & cleo. Together we will get through this storm!