Milton. Purveyor of Fine Yarns.

No small business seems complete without some sort of furry emotional support animal and Milton plays his role exceedingly well.

Too well.

So well that on my last Jet Blue flight I asked what their policy was on therapy dogs. (It was then that I learned they are actually called Emotional Support Dogs). The flight attendant told me that emotional support dogs are welcome on all Jet Blue flights as long as they can fit in your lap. Well, as many times as I have picked up Milton and forced him to sit on my lap, as many times as I've insisted to Sophie and Tina and Jackson and everyone else in our wee little shop that Milton is perfectly capable and comfortable sitting on my lap...he is 60 lbs. AKA: in no way a lap dog.

But you know what he is? An excellent purveyor of yarns. We bring in any cashmere, Milton will find it, lay on it, and go to sleep. So from time to time you'll get to see these crazy times, when we all just have to stop and laugh, because this dog is our therapy dog. He is our very well paid, Purveyor of Fine Yarn, emotional support dog.


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    Charlotte Hess

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