Our Materials


Cotton Collection:

For 2023 we are offering 3 different 100% cotton yarns in our apparel collection. The newest, NeoCotton, is a very subtle thick and thin slub, delicately textured yet smooth and sumptuous feeling against the skin. The next, Papyrus yarn, is a sturdy, mid-weight, linen like monochromatic variegated yarn. Finally, Cheope, is a mid to heavier weight cotton perfectly made to be worn into fall and winter.

Geelongora Collection:

Our most popular yarn and used in our stock styles, Geelong merino is produced in Australia and then spun in the UK by one of the oldest yarn mills in the country. Made with a blend of 75% geelong merino and 25% cruelty free angora, our Geelongora yarn is incredibly soft and is as fine as a Grade B cashmere. This means it is much more comfortable to wear and not a potential skin irritant like traditional wools. Our retail customers frequently mistake this yarn as a cashmere or cashmere blend. In our Tristate styles, we ply 3 ends of the geelong yarn to make a heavier weight fabric.

Brushed Silk Collection: 

An incredibly luxurious fiber, our Italian spun, 100% silk yarn is brushed, giving the fabric the halo appearance of a woolly yarn, while feeling deliciously soft against the skin. A surprisingly warm fabric, it’s a perfect cold weather alternative for customers with wool sensitivities. This yarn is strictly dry clean only. Available in both in fine and bulky gauges.

Brushed Alpaca Collection:

Our brushed alpaca is a 100% alpaca yarn that is an excellent lower cost alternative for our Orgashmere styles. Any style that is knit in our chunky Orgashmere yarn can be made in our brushed alpaca for a reduced cost. This yarn is available in natural colors only.

Orgashmere Collection:

The most coveted styles in our collection are made from a chunky, 100% brushed cashmere yarn, nicknamed “Orgashmere” because it is so outrageously soft. Spun in northern Italy, it is the most airy and luxurious yarn we offer and makes up the bulk of our handknits. For everyone who is love with the Orgashmere you’ll be excited to learn that for 2023 we’re introducing skinny Orgashmere, a garment friendly weight, seen in the cozy lounge suit on the cover page of this line sheet. For an almost as soft, lower price point substitute, you can order all chunky Orgashmere styles in our brushed alpaca yarn.