Storing Your Knitwear for the Summer...

It's that time of the year again. The time to carefully back away our cold weather accessories and store them until well after we think we can't bear the sweltering summer's heat one second longer. And we are here to tell you how to care for your knits before you put them away; before any critters make a summer's meal of your favorite orgashmere beanie, whilst you're sunbathing on the beach.

We have a couple new products in the shop that will help you clean your knits, because rule #1. You MUST put your sweaters away clean! If there's anything that attracts clothes moths like better than... a flame, it's dander, food and sweat stains. Another alternative is to air garments in the sun for at least two days.

Next, loosely fold your garments and place them in a bag made of thick and sturdy linen or cotton cloth. Add a few pieces of cedar wood inside to help repel the moths, before folding into a compact bundle. This is the ideal way because your clothes can still breathe. To go nuclear, you could also use a vacuum bag for storage, but obviously these plastic vacuum bags are less natural than the cotton or linen ones.

We have several kinds of delicate detergents in the webshop here, along with sweater shavers and steamers. And here's a link to a sweater storage bag on Etsy to scare the moths away! For more specific information on how to care for your isobel & cleo more regularly see our page, Caring for your Knits.

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