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Hey guys, I've had so many things to say in our latest email that I figured, hey, why not actually USE the blog that we've actually dedicated space to on the LANDING PAGE of our store website. I had MORE than enough content to contribute to this blog that everyone insisted that we have when when got a new website 6 years ago. So, just to make this post even more unusual (than the fact that it exists), is the fact that my first will be about cooking. HA. Anyone who knows me well, knows that my idea of cooking involves pouring cereal and milk into a bowl. When I was in Paris last month I got sent on a grocery run by my roommate. Insert cringe here. After about 5 minutes of staring at the herbs, I had to stop a French woman and ask in the most embarrassing french to help me find a totally run of the mill herb. I refuse to tell you what it was because I should really have known what it looked like. SO with that background superhero origin story about how I am the non cooker I am today, I continue with the post:

The New York Times No Knead Bread Recipe is a godsend. In this coronavirus moment when it's impossible to get basic necessities at the grocery store, this is a great recipe to have in your brain's back pocket. It only requires three ingredients and is soooo easy to make. I'm talking alllllmost cereal and milk in a bowl easy. You're welcome. Plus, it was fun. Watching the bread rise on it own over 12 hours was like a grade school science experiment. In fact, it could be a great activity to do with your kids while they are learning at home. I personally used a recipe that a food blogger tweaked, but have linked the original above. The bread hasn't even been out of the oven for an hour and the house is already asking I make this bread at least twice a week. If you'd like to see the tweaked recipe (which turned out fabulous on my first try) send me an email and I'll forward you the link. 

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