Scenes from "Charlotte in Paris"

inside the isobel & cleo atelier.


When my dream space opened up in Paris 11ème arrondissement I knew that come hell or high water, isobel & cleo had to rent it and make it work. I'd been dreaming of it since pre-Covid, and I had even looked from time to time to see if it was available, during the more mobile days of Covid. But, alas as we all know, a lot of dreams and desires were put on hold for the unforeseeable future.


the isobel & cleo atelier at dusk.


Then January 2022 came and on a whim, when I looked once more, expecting it to be rented, the opposite was true. Off I went with two knitting machines, over 100 lbs of yarn, my calligraphy supplies (I rarely travel without some pens, nibs, inks, and papers - you never know when you may need to draft a beautifully penned letter or thank you!), and my most favorite clothes. 

I arrived and immediately set to work, displaying my cones of yarn, painting a wall that desperately needed a touch up, networking with other designers, and enrolling in an intensive french class to accelerate the return my incredibly rusty french.

I walked everywhere through the city, though the winter was grey a bit brisk, I was rewarded by sunny days and eventually sunny and warm days. Here are some pictures from my "balades" around the city, let me know if you want me to post more!



promenading in the jardins des tuileries
paris was always treating me to beautiful skies.
I started to question how many pain au chocolats I could eat a day.
a sea foam doorway in montmartre, near sacré cœur.
today's plates.
wisteria at the golden hour in montmarte.
sacré cœur
sitting on the banks of the seine.
crossing pont neuf.
the cutest cars were always "partout."
greenery seems to be overflowing from every terrace and balcony.
as are these bears actually. apparently something that started during covid.
victoire de samothrace in the louvre
x, charlotte
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