Caring for Your Knits

Each isobel & cleo piece is an investment. It's an investment in us, our practice, our brand. An investment into sustainability, ethical production, and the future. We create heirloom quality pieces and with the proper care, our sweaters can last a lifetime.



Hand Washing:

Hand washing or spot treating your garment with cold water is the best for the earth and for your garment's longevity. Cold water helps to reduce color fading and uses less energy. We have a wonderful selection of delicate detergents in our webshop, specifically formulated to use with knit and other luxury fibers.

Gently squeeze excess water from your garments after washing and lay flat to dry.  Never dry in a dryer. Our 100% silk pieces are strictly dry clean only. Washing these styles in water will alter the hand feel of the garment. 

Dry Cleaning:

As such dry clean sparingly, if our care tags says dry clean only, it means that the fabric or construction will not withstand washing. We also recommend dry cleaning as a safe option for larger, heavier garments that are prone to stretching when wet such as coats, capes, and dusters. We suggest waiting to dry clean until it's truly needed. Two ways we like to refreshen our knits in between cleanings is to either lay them outside in the sun for a couple days or placing them in the freezer. When you do dry clean, try to find an environmentally conscious cleaner who avoids harmful chemicals like perchlorotheyn (perc) & ask them to skip the plastic bags if they can.


To combat major wrinkles, use our Cirrus Hand Steamer and avoid the iron, to keep the natural flow and essence of the piece. For minor wrinkles, you can hang your piece in the bathroom while you shower, the steam will help to smooth most things.


Pilling is a natural process that occurs in knit garments and can vary dependant on the specific fiber used. If you experience pilling on your garment we recommend using our Sweater Shaver to remove pills caused by surface abrasion.

Moth Damage:

If your wonderful piece has sustained damage due to moths, send us a photo so we can see if we can quick repair your item for a fee. If the repair requires more time than we can give it, we can forward the repair to AlterKnit, if desired at your request. They are gifted geniuses at reconstructing damaged knits and the people that we use when we don't have time to repair our own personal garments.