Our Practice + Process

We are small team who believe in the importance of sustainable and ethically made products and the power of community. We are driven to create high quality garments using natural fibers, passionate about supporting other small business during in all facets of our administrative, production, and various business processes, and we respect and value the protection of all animals who have given us an incredibly beautiful canvas, with which to create our work.


          Cones of yarn together on a wooden floor


Our love of natural fibers is not simply an inclination. Natural fibres have a softer environmental footprint than synthetics, are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial. Our merino wool is mulesing free and our alpaca is certified cruelty free. 

All of our pieces are handmade in house in our studios in NYC and Nantucket, ensuring that we have complete control of the production process. This enables us to quickly adapt to our customer and inventory needs, minimize our carbon footprint, and reduce waste through careful, hands-on oversight of our production. "Mistakes" are caught early and are always recycled back into our inventory, turned into happy accidents, or if they are really lucky, new styles. Each member of our team is personally a part of our manufacturing process, all the way to the last quality control check. Our hands lovingly fold each and every piece, placing them in eco-friendly packaging from our friends at EcoEnclose, and hand pack each order before sending them out into the world.


hand on tabletop to the left of a package wrapped in kraft paper with green ribbon with notecard